When the pressure is on how do you keep your cool? For me it depends on how much pressure. If it is just moderate I can take some time and just sit, breathe and get back to it.

But when the blood is boiling there is nothing like getting out in nature and observing, no cell phone, no music (other than the spheres). Taking a walk in the woods allows you to decompress and really allow clear thinking to come back.


It does not take having to go anywhere other than your yard if you do not have an natural areas around you, set the intention for relaxation and clear thinking and allow it to wash over you.

However if you do have nature parks or wooded areas there really is nothing like sitting in the woods and just listening, quietly, allowing the sound of wind and animals come to you. Closing your eyes and focusing on what you hear, and then focusing more, hearing more and more will allow a balance that I have not really found any other way.

Take some time, get outside, sit near a stream and let the pollution that is clouding your mind go…. I am on my way now.


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  1. Ken Bishop April 17, 2014 at 3:26 am #

    Nature does have a way of helping you relax your mind. My brother has a 28 foot boat and he comes for me fairly often in the summer to go out on the ocean to do a little fishing or up through the Bras d'or lake if it is too rough on the ocean. Most of the time I am in terrible agony by the time I get home with my back problem. Funny thing is I keep going because getting out just helps to forget everything else and the pain is worth it while I am out there.

    • Greg_DiVilbiss April 17, 2014 at 5:44 pm #

      Fishing would be a great stress reliever, the movement of the boat the sound of the water….I can feel it just thinking about it. Take care of that back!

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